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Hi, I'm Peter "Peabody" Spicer and I'm the creator and founder of Dumbass Whiskey. I'm from Wayne, NJ. I went to 4 different high schools and 3 different colleges. You can say I've gotten around. Since college I've bounced around from job to job racking up over 20 jobs in 20 years. It wasn't until I landed a sales job with a liquor distributor that I found my calling. After 5 years as a sales rep I decided to take a leap of faith to bring you Dumbass Whiskey. 

I cleaned out my bank account and cashed in my 401k. I am the producer, the bottler, the labeler, I sell, I deliver and I promote Dumbass Whiskey evenings and weekends at bars, restaurants and liquor stores. It's a lot of work but its true when they say "the best things in life don't come easy".

I appreciate all the support you have given me and I look forward to sharing my journey with you. If you can promise to give Dumbass Whiskey a "shot", I promise to continue to deliver you the best tasting flavored whiskey on the planet along with a bourbon and rye that will rock your world and not your wallet.


Peter Spicer

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